DIY Matcha Mask and Smoothie: Double Your Glow

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Greet your day glowing with a DIY matcha mask and smoothie. Matcha boosts your health and fights acne and aging, which is why your skin will love it. Better yet, a matcha mask and smoothie combo will double your glow fast.

So read below to learn how matcha and green tea benefit your skin and health. Or skip to the DIY matcha mask and smoothie recipes.

Matcha Versus Green Tea: What’s the Difference?

If you’re like many people, you might wonder what matcha is and how it differs from green tea. Well, these two teas differ in a few ways.

First, matcha is a type of green tea, but it differs in its preparation, growth, flavor, and antioxidant content. 

For instance, according to Medical News Today, green tea and matcha both come from the Camellia sinensis plant, but green tea comes packaged as loose leaves, whereas matcha is sold as a powder made from crushed green tea leaves.

matcha powder
Matcha powder by Pixelshot / Canva

Another difference? Unlike green tea producers, matcha manufacturers protect the plants from oxidation and sunlight and remove the stems and veins before grinding the leaves into powder. These steps lend matcha its distinctive, bold flavor.

Matcha Safety

Although matcha offers plenty of health benefits, there are some risks you should know before you start pounding those drinks. According to Healthline, compounds in matcha can be toxic in large amounts, so limit yourself to two cups daily and choose organic teas.

But when consumed in moderation, matcha and green tea can improve your skin and health. 

Matcha and Green Tea: Health Benefits

Both matcha and green tea offer a slew of health benefits. According to Healthline, green tea contains catechins and polyphenols, which may protect against heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Brain waves by Solar22 / iStockPhoto

Other research suggests green tea may boost longevity and protect against age-related brain degeneration.

Green tea also boosts metabolism, converting the body into a fat-burning machine and making it a favorite of fitness fans worldwide.

But like lavender, green tea may also improve mental health and reduce stress.

Powder for anti-aging DIY matcha face mask
Matcha powder by Pixelshot / Canva

However, matcha offers other benefits. For instance, because matcha’s nutrients come from the whole tea leaf, it contains more antioxidants and caffeine than green tea.

According to Healthline, matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than low-end green teas and has triple the antioxidants of other premium teas.

But matcha and green tea benefit your skin as well.

Green Tea and Matcha: Skin Benefits

Green tea skin benefits: Green tea contains nutrients that fight inflammation, protect and soothe skin, and fight acne and aging.
Green tea’s benefits for your skin by Beauty and Travel Reviews / Canva

Both matcha and green tea fight acne, aging, and inflammation, making them popular choices for DIY face masks.

For instance, one NIH study found that green tea increases the body’s benzoic acid levels, helping fight inflammation from acne and eczema.

Green tea also contains EGCG, beta carotene, and vitamins B2 and C. These nutrients hydrate the skin and fight aging and sun damage.

Matcha green tea: Skin benefits (table)
Matcha’s benefits for your skin by Beauty and Travel Reviews / Canva

Likewise, matcha contains skin-healing flavonoids, polyphenols, and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. These nutrients slow aging, boost collagen, and protect your skin and cells from damage.

So, with all these health and beauty benefits, why not treat yourself to that DIY matcha mask and smoothie?

Make the matcha mask first if you’d like, and then enjoy your smoothie while you wait for your mask to dry.

DIY Matcha Face Mask Recipes

Both DIY matcha face mask recipes below fight acne and aging, so feel free to try one or both.

DIY Matcha Mask #1: Anti-Acne / Anti-Aging Matcha Face Mask

Now, whip up this DIY matcha face mask to fight acne and aging and brighten your skin. All you need to make this matcha mask is matcha powder, water, and Manuka (or raw) honey.

Honey calms inflammation, blasts acne-causing bacteria, and softens your skin, making it a perfect addition to your matcha face mask. So gather the items below to begin.

DIY matcha face mask recipe to fight acne and aging
DIY matcha mask recipe to fight acne and aging by Beauty and Travel Reviews / Canva

Use this DIY matcha mask once per week for best results. Another beauty tip? Use two tea bags to brew some green tea. Then, chill the tea bags in the freezer for 15 minutes, and use them to depuff your eyes.

Or soak a cotton ball in your green tea and apply it to your skin as a DIY green tea toner. According to the wellness blog Healthshots, a green tea toner can even fade acne scars.

Another option? Pair this DIY matcha mask with a DIY cocoa mask, a pearl powder mask, or a pomegranate face mask to enhance your glow.

DIY Matcha Mask #2: French Green Clay and Matcha Face Mask

Next, whip up this DIY matcha mask to heal and prevent breakouts. All you need is matcha powder, French green clay powder, water, and lemon.

French green clay balances the skin, controls oil, and helps skin cells regenerate, leaving skin glowing. Plus, lemon’s vitamin C evens skin tone and protects the skin.

Here is one French green clay powder to try.

Now, see the recipe below for details.

DIY matcha mask recipe #2 to fight acne and aging and brighten skin
DIY matcha mask recipe #2 to fight acne and aging by Beauty and Travel Reviews / Canva

After rinsing, apply serum and moisturizer. One idea? Try a pineapple-Kakadu plum serum to double the skin-healing effects.  

But don’t clean up yet because it’s time to make your matcha smoothie next.

Matcha Smoothie Recipe

Now, nourish your body and skin with this refreshing matcha smoothie.

And feel free to adapt the ingredients to your liking. For instance, add Manuka honey or vanilla almond milk if you like your smoothie sweet.

DIY matcha smoothie with banana and coconut to get skin glowing
Matcha smoothie recipe by Beauty and Travel Reviews / Canva

Now, relax and enjoy your matcha smoothie once you’ve finished.

Final Thoughts

Treat yourself to a DIY matcha mask and smoothie whenever your skin needs a boost. Green tea and matcha protect against disease and fight acne and aging. Plus, a DIY matcha mask and smoothie combo is a fun and healthy beauty treat.

Make the matcha smoothie as often as you’d like (but no more than two cups of matcha daily), and use the DIY matcha face mask once per week to fight acne and aging. And treat your skin to some green tea toner, too.

So, enjoy your new skin, and check back for more beauty recipes and skincare tips.

Featured image credit: Happy_Lark / Getty Images via / Note: The ideas presented here do not replace your doctor’s advice. Always consult your doctor before trying new products or starting a new skincare routine. / This post first appeared on Beauty and Travel Reviews.


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