How To Pretty Up With Peaches: 3 Beauty Recipes

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Pretty up for spring with these peach beauty recipes. These peach beauty treats take just a minute to make, and your skin and hair will love them. So, make a DIY peach face mask or hair mask and enjoy your silky hair and skin.

Peaches are packed with vitamins A, B, C, and K, selenium, and other minerals that soften skin, fight aging, and boost hair growth.

Who knew peaches had so many beauty perks?

So learn more about peaches’ health and beauty benefits below, or skip to the peach beauty recipes.

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Beauty Recipe 1: Peach Face Scrub (Brighten and Exfoliate)

First, whip up this DIY peach scrub and say bye-bye to your winter skin. This DIY peach scrub sloughs off dead skin to reveal your freshest face.

All you need for this peach mask is a mixing bowl, a fresh peach, some almond or argan oil, sugar, and honey.

Peaches’ nutrients brighten and hydrate your skin, and sugar exfoliates. Then honey, argan, and almond oils leave your skin buttery smooth.

See the recipe for details.

Beauty Recipe 1: Exfoliating Peach Facial
DIY peach beauty recipe #1: DIY peach face scrub recipe

Use this peach face scrub once per week for best results. And another option? Add a hydrating sheet mask or DIY matcha face mask to double your glow.

Beauty Recipe 2: Peaches and Cream Face Mask (Brighten, Plump, and Hydrate)

Now, whip up this DIY peach face mask to brighten, plump, and hydrate your skin.

All you need is a fresh peach, some Greek yogurt and Manuka honey.

Peaches’ nutrients hydrate skin and fade dark spots, and yogurt’s lactic acid softens and exfoliates. Meanwhile, Manuka honey fights bacteria and nourishes your skin.

So see the recipe for details.

Peaches and Cream Face Mask to fight aging: Beauty Recipe #2
DIY peach beauty recipe #2: peach face mask recipe

Use this DIY peach mask twice per week for best results.

Another tip? Follow this peach mask with an illuminating pearl mask and primer. Or follow with a pineapple-Kakadu plum serum to add radiance.

Beauty Recipe 3: Peach Hair Mask (Hydrate and Boost Hair Growth)

Did you know peaches are some of the best fruits for hair growth? That’s because peaches contain biotin, a nutrient that stimulates hair growth and leaves hair bouncy and shiny.

Peaches also contain vitamin C, folate, and other B-vitamins, which keep your hair and scalp healthy.

This DIY peach mask is also the perfect way to hydrate a dry or flaky scalp.

All you need is some yogurt, two peaches, and coconut oil. But you’ll want to cover up with a towel because it could get messy.

See the recipe for details.

DIY peach hair mask: Beauty Recipe 3
DIY peach beauty recipe #3: DIY peach hair mask

Another beauty tip? Switch between this peach hair mask and a DIY avocado hair mask. Avocado hydrates dry and unruly hair, leaving it frizz-free and silky. Or follow with camellia oil for an extra dose of softness and shine.

Final Thoughts

So pretty up your skin and hair with these peach beauty recipes. Peaches contain vitamins and minerals that boost your health and leave your skin and hair silky.

Use the peach face masks twice per week and the peach hair mask once per week for best results.

Now, enjoy your new hair and skin, and check back for more beauty tips and recipes.

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