3 Reasons Your Skin Needs Black Currant Seed Oil Now

Black currant seed oil is the best kept skin care secret you’ve probably never heard about. But this skin-friendly oil keeps your skin hydrated and young, skin experts say.

Black currant also fights inflammation and heals eczema and other skin troubles, making it a favorite of aestheticians and dermatologists worldwide.

This mystery beauty oil contains essential fatty acids, which strengthen skin’s natural barrier to lock in hydration without leaving skin oily.

But in case you still need convincing, here are three top reasons to add black currant seed oil to your beauty routine.

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1. Black currant seed oil fights acne.

If you’re like many people, you probably wonder how oil helps acne. But some oils are vital for your skin’s health. First, it’s important to distinguish between types of oil because not all oils cause breakouts. Instead, think of oils as skin-friendly or skin-unfriendly.

For instance, skin-unfriendly oils worsen breakouts, but skin-friendly oils, such as Argan and black currant seed oil, nourish your skin and fight acne.

Black currant seed oil also contains linoleic acid, which makes your skin more efficient at shedding dead skin cells.

But if you apply linoleic acid to your skin, you’ll reduce breakouts and unclog pores. However, this probably won’t work if you have severe acne. So, talk to your dermatologist about Spironolactone and isotretinoin to get more severe acne under control.

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2. Black currant seed oil fights wrinkles and makes skin look younger.

Environmental damage from pollution and the sun contributes to most signs of aging, making you look older than your years. But black currant fights aging to help your skin maintain its youthful radiance.

Packed with polyphenols and vitamins C and E, black currant seed oil fights environmental damage to keep skin young, says Healthline.

Still, the best way to fight wrinkles is to prevent them. Cut back on sun exposure and wear sunscreen — even on cloudy days. In 20 years, your skin will thank you.

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3. Black currant strengthens skin’s natural barrier to lock in moisture.

Black currant seed oil also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that strengthens your skin’s barrier. Keeping your skin’s barrier strong is essential for youthful skin.

As you age, skin’s natural barrier weakens, depleting skin of its natural moisture. As a result, skin looks dry and flaky. But by strengthening your skin’s natural barrier, you’ll prevent wrinkles, fade fine lines, and keep skin hydrated all day.

Low essential fatty acid levels also make skin look dry and flaky, but black currant oil prevents this from happening.

Final Thoughts

Black currant seed oil contains antioxidants and polyphenols to keep skin young, hydrated, acne-free, and strong. This skin-friendly oil also fights environmental damage and aging, reduces breakouts, calms inflammation, and helps skin retain its moisture. With regular use, skin looks healthier and more radiant.

For black currant skin care products, try Paula’s Choice Power Berry Serum, $24.80. This magical serum is made with black currant seed extract and 12 other berries to fight environmental damage and aging.

Paula's Choice Power Berry Serum with black currant
Power Berry Serum, Paula’s Choice

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