Black Currant Seed Oil: 3 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs It Now

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Black currant seed oil is one of the best-kept skincare secrets you probably didn’t know about. However, this nourishing oil keeps your skin glowing into your older years. In fact, black currant seed oil offers many benefits for your skin, helping to fight acne, aging, and more.

Black currant seed oil contains antioxidants, fatty acids, and polyphenols, which keep your skin clear, youthful, and hydrated. This skin-friendly oil also protects your skin and keeps your skin’s barrier strong.

A strong skin barrier is a hallmark of youth and helps prevent moisture loss while keeping skin hydrated longer.

Better yet, black currant seed oil fights inflammation and eczema, making it a dermatologist favorite.

So see below to learn three reasons why your skin needs black currant seed oil, and explore products you can add to your beauty routine.

One of the benefits of black currant seed oil is its anti-acne power.
Blackcurrants by Professor 25 / iStock

1. Black currant seed oil fights acne

If you’re like many people, you probably wonder how any oil helps acne. However, some oils are vital for your skin’s health. First, it’s important to consider the type of oil in question because not all oils cause breakouts. Instead, think of oils as skin-friendly or skin-unfriendly.

For instance, skin-unfriendly oils worsen breakouts, but skin-friendly oils, such as argan and black currant seed oil, nourish your skin and fight acne.

In addition, black currants contain vitamin C (even more than blueberries) and are packed with gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) and anthocyanins, says Healthline. Together, these nutrients protect your skin from free radicals, which speed aging.

GLA also makes your skin more efficient at shedding dead skin cells, which helps prevent breakouts. However, GLA alone won’t cure acne. So talk to your doctor about Spironolactone and other medications to get more severe acne under control.

Blackcurrant seed oil also offers anti-aging benefits.
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2. Black currant seed oil slows aging

Another benefit of black currant seed oil includes its anti-aging powers. Pollution and the sun cause most premature aging, but nutrients in black currant seed oil help slow aging and restore your skin’s youthful glow.

According to Healthline, black currant contains polyphenols and vitamins C and E, which also protect and repair your skin.

Still, the best way to fight wrinkles is to prevent them. So reduce your time sunbathing, and use sunscreen even on cloudy days. This might sound excessive, but protecting your skin from the sun is one of the best skincare habits you can practice.

Think of each minute of unprotected sun exposure as a wrinkle on your face. So slather on that sunscreen now, and your skin will thank you later.

black currant seed oil moisturizer
Improved skin barrier function is another benefit of blackcurrant seed oil. Photo: Mathilde Langevin / Unsplash

3. Black currant seed oil strengthens skin’s barrier

Black currant also contains GLA and linoleic acid, which keep your skin’s barrier strong and prevent moisture loss.

Your skin’s barrier weakens as you age, causing skin to look dry and dull. However, by strengthening your skin’s barrier, you’ll help prevent wrinkles, fade fine lines, and pump life back into your skin.

Low essential fatty acid levels also make skin look dry and flaky, but black currant helps prevent this.

Paula’s Choice Power Berry Serum ($33) is one top-selling product to try. This antioxidant-rich serum contains black currant seed and cherry extracts, along with 12 other berry extracts to fight aging and environmental damage. Visit the website for details.

Paula's Choice Power Berry Serum with black currant seed oil to fight acne and aging
Power Berry Serum, Paula’s Choice

Final Thoughts

Black currant seed oil benefits your skin in many ways. It contains antioxidants and polyphenols to keep your skin youthful, clear, and strong. This skin-friendly oil also fights environmental damage and aging, reduces breakouts, calms inflammation, and helps skin retain its moisture. Your skin will look healthy and refreshed with regular use.


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