This 6-Step Amethyst Beauty Routine Takes Your Skin to Another Level

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Amethyst has won admirers for centuries. Fans say it transports you to higher planes and heals the mind and spirit. But beauty gurus say amethyst’s healing powers extend to skin care, too. Now, amethyst powder is cropping up in anti-aging face masks, skin serums, and scrubs. But how does an amethyst skincare routine work?

Read below to learn more about the amethyst skincare trend. Then see six amethyst skincare products you can add to your beauty routine.

Amethyst Powder: Benefits for Skin and Spirit?

Amethyst makes a gorgeous home decoration and offers many benefits for skin.
Amethyst makes a beautiful home decoration, and it offers many benefits for skin. Photo: Morgenstjerne / Getty Images via Canva

Amethyst is a violet crystalline quartz that has been used in healing for centuries. According to Judy Hall, author of The Encyclopedia of Crystals, the ancient Greeks wore it to prevent drunkenness and remain quick in battle.

Today, meditators and energy workers use amethyst to balance emotions, boost intuition, and clear negative vibes.

But amethyst powder works in the same way to purify the skin.

For instance, beauty experts say amethyst powder flushes toxins from the skin and softens fine lines, making it a must-have anti-aging remedy. According to Knesko, the beauty brand known for its reiki-inspired Amethyst Hydrate Collection, amethyst offers these benefits:

Amethyst, a violet gemstone in the quartz family, has been treasured throughout the ages. Used to treat a range of health conditions, it’s revered for its unique healing energy and metaphysical powers. Because of their wide-ranging benefits, amethyst clusters and geodes are ideal for ridding your body, mind, and spirit of negative energy. But their healing benefits extend far beyond that.

Knesko skin
Amethyst powder boosts radiance, skin experts say. Photo: People Images / Getty Images via Canva

In addition, amethyst offers these benefits for the skin and spirit:

  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • promotes mind-body-spirit balance
  • deepens spiritual connection
  • strengthens intuition
  • exfoliates, hydrates, and refreshes the skin

But what does the science say?

amethyst: about
Amethyst is said to benefit the body, mind, and skin. Photo: Beauty and Travel Reviews / Canva

Although fans rave about amethyst’s healing powers, critics have their doubts. Researchers say that while gemstone and crystal powders exfoliate the skin, evidence of their spiritual healing powers is lacking, says Healthline.

But having witnessed these benefits firsthand, amethyst fans disagree.

So, the verdict? That’s for you to decide. But maybe it’s best to try amethyst skincare products and see the results yourself.

Amethyst Beauty Routine

Next, see below for six amethyst skincare products to add to your beauty routine. Use these beauty products in the order presented, or use them as inspiration to create your own amethyst beauty routine.

Step 1: Herbivore Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, $44

Step 1 in amethyst skincare routine: Herbivore's crushed amethyst body polish is one amethyst skincare product to try.
Amethyst skincare routine, step 1: Herbivore Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish. Photo: E. Morris

First, slather on Herbivore’s Crushed Amethyst Body Polish, a jasmine- and coconut-scented skin delight. This 2019 Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner feels as dreamy as it looks.

Skin types: The body scrub suits all skin types but works best for dull or dry skin.

How it works: Crushed amethyst, Epsom salt, and coconut oil deliver one serious skin-smoothing treat. Coconut oil hydrates skin, while the soothing salts slough off debris, revealing silky skin.

How to use: Massage into your skin, working up from your feet. And use the scrub as often as needed.

Step 2: Mount Lai Amethyst Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool, $38

Step 2 of skincare routine: Mount Lai's Amethyst Gua Sha is another amethyst skincare product to try.
Amethyst skincare routine, step 2: Mount Lai’s Gua Sha firms, tones, and lifts the skin. Photo: E. Morris

Has your skin seen firmer days? Then, grab Mount Lai’s amethyst Gua Sha to rediscover your younger self. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha lifts, tones, and calms the skin while balancing the mind, body, and emotions.

Skin types: The Gua Sha suits all skin types but works best for aging and mature skin.

How it works: The violet Gua Sha firms and lifts the face, clears toxins, and boosts blood flow to get your skin glowing.

How to use: Use daily after cleansing. Also, view Mount Lai’s video guide for details.

Step 3: Knesko Amethyst Collagen Eye Masks, $16-$55

Step 3 of amethyst skincare routine: Knesko collagen-infused eye masks depuff tired eyes.
Beauty routine, step 3: Knesko’s Amethyst Hydrate Eye Mask perks up tired eyes. Photo: E. Morris

Another amethyst skincare product to try? Perk up your eyes with Knesko’s collagen-infused amethyst eye masks. Just slide them on, and see brighter eyes in 20 minutes.

Skin types: The eye masks suit all skin types but work best on dry or dull skin.

How it works: Amethyst powder, collagen, vitamin B5, and squalane plump under-eye skin, erase stress and fatigue, and restore life to your eyes.

Plus, Knesko’s patented technology helps the skin absorb the skin-healing nutrients.

How to use: Use before or after your amethyst face mask. Another beauty tip? Chill the amethyst eye masks in the freezer before using them to enhance the depuffing effect.

Step 4: Knesko Amethyst Hydrate Face Mask, $42-$140

Step 4: Knesko Amethyst Hydrate Face Mask is another anti-aging amethyst skincare product to add to your beauty routine.
Skincare routine, step 4: Knesko’s Amethyst Hydrate Facial Mask hydrates skin and fights aging. Photo: E. Morris

Next, pair Knesko’s Amethyst face mask with the amethyst eye masks to double the anti-aging benefits. When combined, these masks pump life back into your face.

Skin types: These amethyst face masks suit all skin types but work best to revive dull or mature skin.

How it works: Squalane, B-vitamins, and amethyst powder smooth fine lines and soothe your senses while restoring harmony to your mind and skin.

Vitamin B5 hydrates and locks in moisture, while squalane softens your skin. Then, amethyst powder balances skin and boosts blood flow, leaving your skin aglow.

How to use: Use this amethyst face mask after cleansing. Just apply the mask and remove after 20 minutes.

Also, try Naturopathica’s Amethyst Peace Mask for a cheaper option. And another beauty tip? Use this mask after lighting an amethyst candle on your next DIY at-home spa day.

Or use the amethyst mask while listening to this Amethyst Phantom Crystal Meditation.

Step 5: Inner Glow Company Amethyst Serum, $55

Step 5 of amethyst beauty and skincare routine: Inner Glow Company Amethyst serum
Amethyst skincare routine, step 5: Inner Glow Company’s Amethyst serum brightens skin. Photo: E. Morris

Next, summon your inner beauty goddess with Inner Glow Company’s amethyst serum, another beauty gem your skin will love. Use this serum as the penultimate step of your amethyst skincare routine.

Skin types: The serum suits all skin types but works best on dull or dry skin.

How it works: This amethyst skin serum hydrates, calms, and balances skin while enhancing inner peace and serenity. Amethyst crystals, antioxidants, and plant-based nutrients fight aging and restore the skin’s radiance.

Amethyst, aloe, turmeric, enzymes, and honeysuckle water calm redness, fade dark spots, and boost blood flow, leaving skin alive and fresh.

How to use: Use daily after cleansing for the best results.

Another beauty tip: Pair this serum with camellia oil to double your glow.

Step 6: RMS Beauty Amethyst Rose Luminizer, $38

Step 6: RMS Beauty Luminizer
Skincare routine, step 6: RMS Beauty’s Amethyst Rose Luminizer gives skin an ethereal glow. Photo: E. Morris

Next, slick on RMS Beauty’s Amethyst Rose Luminizer to nab that otherworldly glow. And use this as the last step in your amethyst skincare routine before applying makeup.

Skin types: The highlighter suits all skin types but works best to brighten dull skin.

How it works: This GMO-free highlighter nourishes and brightens skin, thanks to coconut oil, rosemary extract, and vitamin E.

How to use: Dab the cream on your upper cheekbones and brow bone, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow to accentuate the triangle of youth.

Another tip? Pair this beauty cream with Klavuu’s White Pearlsation primer or a pearl sheet mask for extra luminosity.

Final Thoughts About the Amethyst Skincare Routine

amethyst crystal
Amethyst is said to clear negativity and detox the skin. Photo: Jacob Van Houten/iStock

Amethyst promises a unique beauty adventure and takes your skin to another level. This violet gemstone benefits your mind, body, and spirit. Amethyst calms your mind and soothes your senses while restoring the youthful glow you’ve missed.

So try the amethyst body scrub, the face and eye masks, the serum, and the highlighter, and enjoy your full-body glow. Or use these beauty tips as inspiration to create your own amethyst skincare routine.

Now, enjoy your amethyst skincare products—and your new skin—and check back for more beauty reviews and skincare tips.

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This post first appeared on Beauty and Travel Reviews. / Featured photo credit: Svetok/iStock Photo

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    1. Yes, isn’t that a gorgeous color? Amethyst and rose quartz are my favorites, and you can use them both for skin care. Knesko also makes a rose quartz mask that I’d love to try.

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