Hello, Gorgeous: DIY Guava Mask and Smoothie Your Skin Will Love

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Bring the spa home to you with this DIY guava mask and smoothie. Vitamin-rich guavas protect your skin and slow aging to make you glow again.

So, slather on this guava mask to slough off dead skin and peel back the years.

Make the mask first, and then prepare the smoothie while the mask does its work. Learn more about guava’s healing benefits below, or skip to the DIY recipes.

Guava: Skin and Health Benefits

Guavas are a powerhouse of nutrients that improve your skin and health.

According to agriculturist Bonnie Grant and Healthline, guavas are packed with antioxidants, fiber, potassium, folic acid, and lycopene to keep you healthy and strong.

Guava health and beauty benefits

In addition, guava’s high vitamin C content boosts immunity and keeps skin luminous. According to Half Your Plate, one medium guava contains 343% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake.

Guavas also contain folate, which improves digestion and blood pressure, says Healthline.

Together, all these nutrients help balance blood sugar, reduce cancer risk, fight aging, and more.

Guavas and Your Health: The Research

According to Medical News Today and Healthline, guava’s nutrients may reduce type 2 diabetes symptoms, improve heart health, facilitate weight loss, and cut cancer risk.

However, according to other studies, guava’s nutrients may even reduce flu risk and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

But guavas work magic on your skin, as well.

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Guava: Skin Benefits

Guava’s skin-friendly nutrients protect against environmental damage, fight acne and aging, and improve skin texture and tone.

Skin-Friendly Antioxidants

According to Healthline, guava’s antioxidants also fight inflammation and protect skin from free radicals.

You can even apply guava leaf extract to your skin to heal breakouts, says Healthline.

Guava fruit
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Vitamins A and C

Like papayas, guavas contain vitamins A and C to fight wrinkles, boost collagen production, and improve elasticity, says WebMD.

Together, these nutrients smooth your skin and erase years.

So, with all these health perks, why wait? Let’s make that guava mask.

DIY Guava Tropical Face Mask Recipe

This guava face mask sloughs off dead skin to reveal your freshest complexion. To begin, follow the instructions below.

DIY guava mask recipe

Now, don’t put away the ingredients yet because you’ll need them to make your smoothie next. However, you can kick back and relax to some spa tunes while you’re waiting for the mask to dry.

Guava Tropical Island Smoothie Recipe

Now, whip up this Guava Tropical Island Smoothie, and enjoy the refreshing pineapple, guava, and banana blend. You can even add vanilla almond milk and agave if you’d like.

This smoothie is the perfect way to revitalize your skin and relax after a long day. After one sip, you’ll feel time rewind.

Tropical Island Smoothie: Health and Beauty Recipe

Final Thoughts

So, bring the spa home to you with these DIY guava beauty recipes. You’ll enjoy everything the guava has to offer.

Guava’s nutrients improve heart health, reduce cancer risk, and fight aging to peel back the years. Make the smoothie as often as you’d like, and use the guava mask twice per week for best results.

With regular use, you’ll see radiant skin in no time. So, enjoy your new skin — and your New Year!

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