Star Fruit Beauty Recipes Your Skin and Hair Will Adore

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Want to dazzle your special someone for the holidays? Then stock up on star fruit, the vitamin-rich juicy fruit your skin and hair will adore. After all, star fruit is called a “miracle fruit” for a reason. The tropical fruit is bursting with nutrients that boost hair growth, blast acne, and brighten your skin. So, treat yourself to these star fruit beauty recipes: make a star fruit face mask, hair mask, and smoothie, and get ready to turn heads.

These five star fruit beauty recipes will get you glowing for the holidays, giving you silky skin and lustrous locks in no time.

Star Fruit: Benefits for Skin, Body, and Hair

Silky hair and skin
Get silky skin and hair with star fruit. Photo: People Images/iStock

Also known as carambola, star fruit comes from Southeast Asia. The fruit has yellow-green skin and tastes sour and sweet; you can even drink the juice.

However, this juicy fruit offers many health and beauty benefits. According to WebMD, one medium star fruit contains copper, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, B5 and C.

star fruit for beauty recipes
Star fruit strengthens hair, skin, and nails. Photo: Maraqu/Getty Images via Canva

These nutrients strengthen and nourish your skin, hair, and nails.

Hair: Star fruit’s B vitamins reduce hair loss, strengthen hair, and boost hair growth, giving you long, voluminous locks.

Nails: These B vitamins also strengthen nails, prevent breakage, and help nails grow.

Skin: Vitamin A speeds skin cell turnover, heals acne, and softens wrinkles, while vitamin C boosts collagen, calms inflammation, and fades dark spots.

Meanwhile, B vitamins hydrate and lock in moisture, leaving your skin radiant.


star fruit for face and hair masks and smoothies
Got kidney disease? Then skip the star fruit. Photo: arraymax/Getty Images via Canva

According to the National Kidney Foundation, you should not eat star fruit if you have kidney disease. Star fruit contains substances known to produce neurological effects in people with kidney disease who cannot eliminate these substances.

The fruit is safe for people with healthy kidneys but talk to your doctor when in doubt.

DIY Star Fruit Beauty Recipes

clear skin
Blast acne with a DIY star fruit face mask. Photo: A Lot of People/iStock

Now, pamper your hair, body, and skin with these star fruit beauty recipes. Patch-test these masks 24 hours before using and discontinue if irritation develops.

Use the star fruit face masks and hair mask up to twice per week for the best results. Another tip? Make a star fruit face mask or hair mask first; then prepare your smoothie while the mask works its magic.

DIY Recipe #1: Anti-Acne Yogurt and Star Fruit Face Mask

Add star fruit to your anti-acne DIY face mask.
Two carambolas, or star fruits. Photo: only_fabrizio/iStock

Start your beauty routine with some tropical fun with this blemish-busting star fruit face mask. All you need is a blender, star fruit, Greek yogurt, and Manuka (or raw) honey (optional).

What it does: Star fruit’s vitamin C protects and brightens skin, Manuka honey’s antioxidants blast bacteria, and yogurt’s lactic acid exfoliates, leaving skin silky.

What to do: Slice and blend the star fruit, transfer it to a bowl, add the honey and yogurt, and mix. Next, cleanse and steam your face to open your pores. Then, massage the mask into your face and neck, and rinse after 20 minutes.

anti-acne DIY star fruit face mask: beauty recipe #1
Beauty recipe #1: anti-acne DIY star fruit face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Follow with black currant serum, prickly pear oil, or pineapple serum to double the acne-fighting power.

DIY Recipe #2: Anti-Acne Matcha and Star Fruit Face Mask

star fruit for DIY face mask and beauty recipes
Fresh carambola star fruit slice isolated on white background. Photo: jojoejit/Getty Images via Canva

Another option? Whip up this acne-fighting matcha and star fruit face mask. All you need is a blender, star fruit, matcha powder, and honey (optional).

What it does: Star fruit’s vitamins A and C speed skin cell turnover and fade acne marks, while matcha’s and honey’s antioxidants calm redness, protect, and repair your skin.

What to do: Chop and blend the star fruit, transfer to a bowl, add matcha powder and honey, and mix. Massage into your face and neck, wait 20 minutes and rinse.

DIY beauty recipe #2: matcha and star fruit face mask
DIY beauty recipe #2: matcha and star fruit face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: After rinsing, follow with a Kakadu plum serum to add vitamin C protection.

DIY Recipe #3: Anti-Aging Star Fruit Face Mask

carambola/star fruit
Snack on star fruit or add it to your smoothie. Photo: Nicodemos/iStock

Next, slather your skin in this anti-aging star fruit face mask, and obliterate those pesky wrinkles. All you need is a blender, banana, star fruit, and yogurt.

What it does: Star fruit’s vitamins soften wrinkles and improve skin texture, while banana’s B vitamins and potassium hydrate and soften skin. Meanwhile, yogurt’s lactic acid exfoliates, leaving your face baby fresh.

What to do: Blend the star fruit, transfer to a bowl, add banana and yogurt, and mix. Massage into your face and neck, and rinse after 20 minutes.

DIY beauty recipe #3: anti-aging star fruit face mask
DIY beauty recipe #3: anti-aging star fruit face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Switch between this star fruit face mask and an anti-aging pumpkin mask. Then, apply a radiance-boosting blueberry sheet mask and cherry serum, or follow with hydrating orchid oil

Recipe #4: DIY Star Fruit Hair Mask for Growth and Shine

Long, shiny hair
Star fruit also boosts hair growth and shine. Photo: heckmannoleg/iStock

Next, make this DIY star fruit hair mask to get tresses as silky as your skin. This mask strengthens hair and boosts growth and shine, leaving your locks glossy.

All you need is coconut oil, star fruit juice, and grapeseed oil.

What it does: Grapeseed oil’s omega fatty acids hydrate, protect, and repair hair, while coconut oil soothes the scalp and softens strands. Meanwhile, star fruit’s vitamins B5 and C add luster and speed hair growth.

What to do: Mix fresh star fruit juice with coconut and grapeseed oils. Then, apply from roots to ends, leave on for at least an hour, and shampoo twice to rinse.

DIY star fruit beauty recipe #4: star fruit hair mask for growth and shine
DIY star fruit hair mask recipe for growth and shine/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Switch between this star fruit hair mask and these DIY shiny hair masks. (Also, see these hair growth masks inspired by the world’s favorite beauty secrets.)

DIY Recipe #5: Star Fruit Smoothie for Glowing Skin

star fruit smoothie for glowing skin
Treat your hair, skin, and body to a star fruit beauty smoothie. Photo: tjasam/iStock

Next, treat yourself to a star fruit smoothie, a tangy treat your whole body will love. This smoothie also makes a perfect companion for your at-home spa day.

Also, feel free to sweeten your smoothie with coconut, honey, or agave.

What to do: Chop the fruit, place it in a blender, add milk and yogurt, and blend. Then, pour into tall glasses, garnish with a star fruit wedge, add coconut, honey, or agave, and serve.

DIY recipe #5: star fruit smoothie
Star fruit smoothie recipe/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container for up to 24 hours. Also, try this passion fruit beauty smoothie your hair and skin will love.

Final Thoughts

star fruit to boost hair growth and fight acne
Star fruit fights stubborn skin troubles and helps hair grow. Photo: Cheng Yu Zheng/Getty Images via Canva

These star fruit beauty recipes add a tropical touch to your beauty routine and nourish your skin and hair. The smoothie makes a delicious spa day treat, and the star fruit face and hair masks will get you holiday-gorgeous fast.

Make the star fruit smoothie as often as you’d like, and use the face and hair masks once or twice per week. Then, you’ll see lustrous locks and glowing skin in no time.

So, enjoy your star fruit beauty recipes—and your new hair and skin—and check back for more beauty recipes and tips.

This post first appeared on Beauty and Travel Reviews./Featured photo credit: Cheng Yu Zheng/iStockPhoto


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