DIY Pumpkin Beauty Recipes: Nab That Holiday Glow

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Pumpkin conjures visions of the holidays—glowing Halloween jack-o’-lanterns, cinnamon-scented Thanksgiving pies—but this festive fruit benefits your skin, too. That’s because pumpkin is packed with nutrients that fight acne and wrinkles and bring dull skin to life. So, head to the market, grab a pumpkin—or the canned stuff—and treat yourself to these DIY pumpkin beauty recipes. Whip up a DIY pumpkin face mask, lip scrub, and smoothie to pamper your skin and satisfy your sweet tooth all at once.

These pumpkin beauty recipes make fun additions to your at-home spa day, and your face and body will love the treat. So, learn more about pumpkin’s beauty benefits below or skip to the DIY pumpkin beauty recipes.

Pumpkin: Benefits for Your Skin

miniature pumpkins
Miniature pumpkins. Photo: YinYang/iStock

It might surprise you to know that pumpkin is a fruit. And its benefits for your skin are hard to ignore.

According to Healthline, pumpkin is a winter squash that belongs to the same family as cucumber and melon. However, canned pumpkin, which is most popular in the US, resembles butternut squash.

Canned pumpkin contains an arsenal of skin-friendly nutrients:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin E
  • B vitamins
  • vitamin C
  • magnesium
  • vitamin K
  • copper
Pumpkin fights acne and wrinkles and makes skin glow.
Get glowing skin with pumpkin. Photo: People Images/Getty Images via Canva

These nutrients fight acne and aging and leave your skin glowing.

Vitamin A improves skin texture, softens wrinkles, and repairs sun-damaged skin, B vitamins balance oil and improve skin tone, and vitamin C brightens skin and boosts collagen.

In addition, vitamin K fades dark spots, while vitamin E softens and protects skin from free radical damage, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

Better yet, one cup of canned pumpkin contains 209% of the vitamin A and 37% of the vitamin K you need daily, says Healthline.

Pumpkin also contains exfoliating enzymes that speed skin cell turnover, unveiling your silkiest skin.

seeds for health and beauty
Pumpkin seeds also benefit your skin. Photo: Nodar Chernishev/iStock

And pumpkin seeds offer other perks. According to Healthline, one ounce of pumpkin seeds contains almost 20% of the copper and magnesium you need daily.

Copper helps produce collagen and elastin, while magnesium controls hormones, reducing acne flare-ups.

So, what better reason to stock up on that pumpkin?

DIY Pumpkin Beauty Recipes

decorative pumpkins
Pumpkins on blue background. Photo: Andreka/Getty Images via Canva

So now that you know how pumpkin benefits your skin, whip up these DIY pumpkin beauty recipes. Make the anti-aging, exfoliating, or anti-acne pumpkin face mask below, depending on your skin type.

These pumpkin face masks suit most skin types but talk to your doctor if you have sensitive skin or take medication that interacts with vitamin A. Also, patch-test the mask first and discontinue if irritation develops.

Another tip: Make the pumpkin face mask first; then prepare your smoothie while the mask gets to work.

DIY Recipe #1: Anti-Acne Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkin makes a wonderful anti-acne face mask
Another reason to buy pumpkin? It’s packed with vitamin A, helping heal and prevent acne. Photo: Atlas Studio/iStock

First, whip up this blemish-busting DIY pumpkin face mask and greet the day with a glow. This mask heals and prevents breakouts, helping you love your skin again.

All you need is a half-cup of canned pumpkin, half a sweet potato, and four tablespoons of Greek yogurt.

Benefits: Pumpkin and sweet potato both contain vitamin A, making them a powerful anti-acne duo. Together, these fruits protect your skin, speed skin cell turnover, and heal breakouts.

Plus, yogurt’s B vitamins and lactic acid improve skin tone and slough off dead cells, revealing your smoothest skin. (Also, see this dermatologist-recommended sweet potato face mask.)

Add an anti-acne pumpkin face mask to your beauty routine. Photo: Jenifoto/iStock


  • Boil the sweet potato until it’s soft, and let it cool.
  • Then, remove the potato skin.
  • Next, transfer it to a bowl, add the pumpkin and yogurt, and mix.
  • Steam your face with a washcloth for one minute to open pores.
  • Then, apply the mask to your face and neck, wait 20 minutes, and rinse.
DIY pumpkin face mask recipe 1: anti-acne mask
Pumpkin beauty recipe #1: Anti-acne DIY pumpkin face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Switch between this DIY pumpkin face mask and a carrot or cantaloupe mask to double the beauty benefits. Use each mask once a week, and follow with Kakadu plum or pineapple serum to calm redness.

DIY Recipe #2: Anti-Aging Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkins make festive decorations and fun additions to your beauty routine.
Pumpkins make festive holiday decorations but also fight acne and wrinkles. Photo: Nodar Chernishev/Getty Images via Canva

Have wrinkles got you down? Then, whip up this age-blasting DIY pumpkin face mask, and watch those fine lines fade.

All you need is a half-cup of canned pumpkin and a tablespoon each of grapeseed oil and honey. (Also, see these DIY grapeseed oil and Manuka honey beauty recipes.)

Benefits: Pumpkin’s vitamin A softens wrinkles, grapeseed oil brightens, and honey hydrates skin and locks in moisture.

pumpkins for face masks and smoothies
Combine pumpkin, honey, and grapeseed oil for a nourishing, anti-aging beauty treat. Photo: Bob Hemphill/iStock


  • In a bowl, mix the pumpkin, honey, and grapeseed oil.
  • Next, steam your face for one minute to open pores.
  • Then, apply the mask to your face and neck, wait 20 minutes, and rinse.
Anti-aging DIY pumpkin face mask recipe
DIY pumpkin beauty recipe #2: Anti-aging pumpkin face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Switch between this DIY pumpkin face mask and a tomato or avocado mask to enhance the benefits. Then, apply orchid oil, prickly pear oil, or black currant seed oil to boost radiance.

DIY Recipe #3: Exfoliating Pumpkin Face Mask

DIY pumpkin face mask for acne and aging
A DIY pumpkin face mask fights acne and aging. Photo: Pavel Kant/Getty Images via Canva

Next, pump life into lackluster skin with this DIY pumpkin face mask; it’s the perfect way to bring the spa home to you.

All you need is a blender or food processor, a half-cup of canned pumpkin, half a papaya, and two tablespoons of honey.

Benefits: Pumpkin and papaya contain vitamin A and exfoliating enzymes to slough off dead cells and brighten your skin.

Meanwhile, honey calms redness and leaves your skin glowing. (Also, see these DIY papaya beauty recipes.)

Pumpkins for DIY masks
Get glowing skin with an exfoliating pumpkin mask. Photo: masa44/iStock


  • Scoop the pumpkin and papaya into a blender or food processor, and puree until smooth.
  • Next, transfer to a bowl, add honey, and mix.
  • Then, apply the mask to your face and neck, and rinse after 20 minutes.
DIY pumpkin beauty recipe #3: exfoliating pumpkin face mask
DIY pumpkin beauty recipe #3: Exfoliating pumpkin face mask to get dull skin glowing/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Follow with a blueberry sheet mask and facial oil to double your glow.

DIY Recipe #4: Brown Sugar and Pumpkin Lip Scrub

brown sugar for DIY lip scrub
Exfoliate lips with a DIY brown sugar and pumpkin lip scrub. Photo: robynmac/iStock

Next, perk up your pout with this easy-to-make DIY pumpkin lip scrub, and enjoy how silky your lips feel.

All you need is two tablespoons of brown sugar, a tablespoon of canned pumpkin, and one teaspoon each of coconut oil and honey.

Benefits: Pumpkin and brown sugar slough off dead skin, while coconut oil and honey soften and hydrate your lips.


  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
  • Massage the scrub into your lips for 15 seconds and rinse.
DIY pumpkin beauty recipe #4: pumpkin lip scrub
DIY pumpkin beauty recipe #4: Pumpkin lip scrub/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Switch between this pumpkin lip scrub and a DIY cocoa sugar lip scrub. Then, follow with Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter for all-day moisture.

DIY Recipe #5: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin smoothie for glowing skin
Get smooth, glowing skin with a pumpkin smoothie. Photo: Julija Dmitrijeva/iStock

Next, treat yourself to this pumpkin pie smoothie, a delicious spa treat your whole body will love.

Also, feel free to adapt the ingredients to your liking. For instance, skip the coconut and honey if you prefer your smoothie plain.


  • Scoop everything except the coconut and honey into a blender (or food processor), and puree until smooth.
  • Pour into tall glasses, mix in the honey, sprinkle more cinnamon and coconut on top (optional), and serve.
DIY pumpkin beauty recipe #5: pumpkin smoothie for glowing skin
DIY pumpkin beauty recipe #5: Pumpkin smoothie for glowing skin/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Refrigerate the leftovers for up to 24 hours and enjoy whenever the mood strikes.

Another tip: Also, whip up a banana beauty smoothie for another fun DIY spa treat.

Final Thoughts

Pumpkins by Crystal Bolin/Getty Images via Canva

Pumpkin contains a slew of nutrients that blast acne and wrinkles and leave your skin luminous. So treat your skin to these DIY pumpkin beauty recipes anytime you wish—or save them for the holidays.

Make the DIY pumpkin face mask, lip scrub, and smoothie, and love your amazing skin.

Make the smoothie as often as you’d like, and use the DIY pumpkin face mask once per week for the best results.

So enjoy your pumpkin beauty recipes—and your new skin—and check back for more beauty recipes and skincare tips.


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