DIY Cookie Scrub Recipes Your Body and Lips Will Love

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Has your summer diet left you craving something sinful and sweet? Well, this is your invitation to ditch the rules and go wild. These DIY cookie scrub recipes promise a fun, guilt-free way to break your diet. Plus, your skin and lips will love the treat.

Contrary to popular belief, sugar does have its perks, and it makes a fantastic body exfoliator. DIY sugar scrubs speed your skin’s natural shedding process by sloughing off dead cells to bring fresh skin to the surface.

So, don’t be shy. Head to the kitchen, and bust out that sugar.

gingerbread cookie
Gingerbread cookies by Arina Habich/Getty Images via Canva

First, treat your lips and body to this delicious coconut gingerbread sugar scrub. This sugar scrub is fun to make because it smells like your favorite holiday cookies. You can even dress up the jars with labels and ribbon.

This DIY cookie scrub also makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for that impossible-to-shop-for relative.

DIY cookie scrub recipe: coconut gingerbread lip scrub/body scrub
DIY cookie scrub recipe for body and lips: Coconut gingerbread cookie/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Products to try:

Another beauty tip: Switch between this DIY cookie scrub and this kiwi sugar lip exfoliator. Use each sugar scrub once per week for best results.

DIY cocoa banana cookie scrub
DIY cocoa-banana cookie body and lip scrub/Beauty and Travel Reviews

Next, whip up this skin-friendly DIY cocoa-banana cookie scrub, and enjoy how delicious your skin looks. All you need is brown sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, coconut oil, banana and vanilla extract (or flavoring).

But this cookie body and lip scrub doesn’t just smell amazing; it protects your skin, too. Cocoa’s antioxidants protect against free radicals and slow aging to get you glowing.

So, grab a bowl, mix the ingredients, and massage the cookie scrub into your skin and lips.

DIY cookie scrub recipe: cocoa-banana cookie lip scrub and body scrub
Cookie scrub recipe: DIY cocoa-banana cookie sugar scrub for body and lips/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Then, store the leftovers in an airtight jar, and decorate as desired. Use this DIY sugar body and lip scrub up to twice per week for best results.

Another beauty tip: Double your antioxidant protection with these DIY cocoa beauty recipes. Or add a pomegranate face mask and lip scrub or a banana mask and smoothie for another fun twist.

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Next, treat your body and lips to this DIY snickerdoodle cookie scrub. The scrub smells like your favorite snickerdoodle desserts, and your body and lips will love it.

All you need is white and brown sugar, sea salt, vanilla extract, and cinnamon.

You can even use all brown or all white sugar if you prefer. However, brown sugar provides gentler exfoliation than standard white sugar.

But feel free to experiment and adapt the ingredients to your liking.

DIY cookie scrub recipe #3: snickerdoodle cookie scrub for lips and body
Another sugar lip scrub recipe to try: DIY snickerdoodle cookie scrub for body and lips/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Afterward, store the leftover sugar scrub in an airtight jar and decorate it as you wish.

Use this sugar scrub up to twice per week for best results. 

Another beauty tip: Switch between this snickerdoodle cookie scrub and a DIY passion fruit or mango lip scrub. Use each lip scrub once per week.

Making sugar scrubs is fun, but the experience is incomplete without the right decorations.

But sometimes, it’s difficult to know which accessories or containers to choose. So, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Storage Jars: Crafters Surplus Co—(30-pack) 7-oz Mini Glass Jars

Glass jars with cork lids to store DIY sugar scrubs
Storage jars with cork lids by E. Morris

First, try these miniature Crafters Surplus jars with cork lids. They’re the perfect way to store your smaller batches of sugar scrub, and you can even add ribbons and labels for a personal touch.

Twine: Annie’s Paper Boutique—Raspberry Cupcake Trendy Bakers Twine Sampler

Baker's twine for decorating DIY sugar scrub jars
Twine to decorate your DIY cookie scrub gifts by E. Morris

Next, add some raspberry twine for a festive flair. Wrap the twine around your jar, or use it to attach cards or gift tags.

VGoodall 7-Pack Jute Burlap Ribbon

burlap decorating ribbon for sugar scrubs
VGoodall burlap decorating ribbon for a rustic look/Beauty and Travel Reviews

Another option? Go for a rustic look with these burlap ribbons. These country cottage-style ribbons jazz up your homemade sugar scrub and add personality. So, choose your favorite pattern, wrap the ribbon around the jar, and enjoy the result.

For instance, below is a personal photo showing how this ribbon looks in action. However, feel free to trim the ribbon if you prefer a more understated look.

Decorated cookie scrub wrapped in burlap ribbon
This burlap ribbon is another way to decorate your homemade cookie scrub gift. Photo: Beauty and Travel Reviews

Sticker Labels: Chloe Custom Design

customizable sticker labels to decorate DIY cookie scrub gifts
Customizable sticker labels for DIY sugar scrub gifts by E. Morris

Another idea? These customizable sticker labels make the perfect finishing touch for your DIY cookie scrub gift. The labels come in small, medium, and large circles, squares, and rectangles.

DIY Scrubs: Tips and Safety

Although making homemade cookie scrubs is fun, it’s also important to be safe. Some aestheticians and consumers worry sugar scrubs are too abrasive. However, Healthline notes, “Unless you have preexisting irritation, sugar scrubs are generally safe to use on the body.”

Still, it’s wise to patch test the scrub to see how your skin reacts. So, massage a dab onto the back of your hand, wait 24 hours, and discontinue if irritation develops.

However, do not use sugar scrubs on open wounds or sensitive skin, and talk to your doctor first when in doubt.

Final Thoughts

homemade exfoliators
Another batch of DIY sugar scrubs by Pixelshot/Canva

So, treat yourself to these homemade cookie scrubs, or gift them for birthdays and holidays. Whip up a snickerdoodle scrub or all three DIY cookie scrubs anytime you wish.

These sugar scrubs are a fun way to indulge without the calories, and they’re sure to satisfy even your most finicky loved ones. After all, who doesn’t love a homemade gift?

So, enjoy your DIY cookie scrub recipes—and your silky skin—and check back for more beauty recipes and skincare tips.

This post first appeared on Beauty and Travel Reviews. | Featured photo credit: Darren Mower/iStock

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