Mango Face Mask, Lip Scrub, and Smoothie: Get Your Glow Back

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Have your frown lines left you nostalgic for the glowing skin you used to have? If so, don’t worry; whip up a DIY mango face mask, lip scrub, and smoothie to recapture that youthful glow you’ve missed. Mangoes can even brighten your skin if those first pesky wrinkles haven’t appeared on your skin yet.

That’s because mangoes are packed with age-defying nutrients that keep your skin smooth and fresh. So, triple up on those beauty benefits with a DIY mango face mask, lip scrub, and smoothie.

Now, see below to learn more about mangoes’ beauty benefits, or skip to the mango beauty recipes.

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Mango: Benefits for Skin

Mangoes contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish your body and skin. For instance, just one cup of the fruit delivers 67% of your daily vitamin C and over 8% of your daily copper, folate, and vitamins A, B6, and E, says Healthline.

Better yet, all these nutrients fight acne, sun damage, and aging.

Vitamin A tackles acne and wrinkles, while vitamin E locks in moisture and softens skin. Plus, vitamin C brightens skin, boosts collagen, and slows aging to make you glow again.

Mangoes benefit your skin and health, helping slow aging and brighten skin. Photo: Atlas Studio/Canva

In addition, mango contains mangiferin, an antioxidant that protects your cells and fights aging.

So whether you snack on mango slices or slather on a mango face mask, you’re sure to reap the rewards.

And what better reason to stock up on that mango body butter?

DIY Mango Beauty Recipes

Mango by Atlas Studio/Getty Images via Canva

So now that you know about mangoes’ health and beauty benefits, try these DIY mango beauty recipes below. Make the face mask for dry or oily skin, depending on your skin type.

Another tip? Make the face mask first, and then whip up the mango smoothie and lip scrub while the mask gets to work.

However, perform a patch test 24 hours before using these masks if you have sensitive skin, and discontinue if irritation develops.

Beauty Recipe #1: DIY Mango Face Mask for Oily, Combination, and Acne-Prone Skin (Brightening/Anti-Acne)

DIY mango face mask
Cosmetic mask in a bowl by Kazmulka/iStock

Now, whip up this DIY mango face mask to fight acne, aging, and dullness. All you need is mango, Manuka honey, and yogurt.

Yogurt’s lactic acid softens skin and exfoliates, while Manuka honey blasts bacteria to control breakouts. Plus, mangoes’ vitamin C adds skin protection, boosts collagen, and leaves skin smooth and glowing.

So, see the recipe for details.

Anti-aging DIY mango face mask recipe: Brighten skin and fight acne and wrinkles
Recipe #1: DIY mango face mask for oily and acne-prone skin by Beauty and Travel Reviews/Canva

Beauty tip: After rinsing, treat yourself to a mango butter body scrub to get a full-body glow. Or follow with a DIY strawberry or avocado face mask to double the beauty benefits.

Beauty Recipe #2: DIY Mango Face Mask for Dry or Mature Skin (Anti-Aging)

Another option? Try this anti-aging mango face mask to soften fine lines and hydrate your skin. All you need is a fresh mango, grapeseed oil, and Manuka honey.

Mangoes’ vitamin C evens skin tone and boosts collagen, honey softens fine lines, and grapeseed oil leaves your skin silky.

See the recipe for details.

Anti-aging DIY mango face mask recipe for dry and mature skin
Anti-aging DIY mango face mask recipe by Beauty and Travel Reviews/Canva

Then, after rinsing your mango mask, pat your face dry, and apply serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Another beauty tip? Follow with a vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum and pineapple serum to add radiance. Or follow with a DIY grapeseed oil, Manuka honey, or carrot face mask to double the anti-aging benefits.

This mango mask also pairs well with a pearl serum sheet mask and serum. See the Klavuu White Pearlsation beauty tutorial to learn how to create a luminous makeup base.

However, use this anti-aging mango face mask twice per week for best results. You’ll see more radiant skin with regular use.

Beauty Recipe #3: Mango Lip Scrub

sugar scrub
Lip scrub by Pixelshot/Canva

After rinsing your mango face mask, treat your lips to this refreshing mango lip scrub. It’s the perfect way to pamper your lips after those long days sunbathing.

All you need is brown sugar, half a mango, and honey. You can even substitute coconut sugar for brown sugar for a fun twist.

First, mix all the ingredients, massage the scrub into your lips for 15 seconds, and rinse. Then, follow with Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter, a must-have for parched lips.

Another beauty tip: Switch between this mango scrub and a DIY papaya lip scrub.

mango lip scrub recipe
Another mango beauty recipe: DIY mango lip scrub by Beauty and Travel Reviews/Canva

But don’t clean up yet because it’s time to make your mango smoothie next.

Beauty Recipe #4: Mango Smoothie for Glowing Skin

Next, whip up this refreshing mango smoothie to nourish your skin and body. This mango beauty recipe is a perfect addition to your DIY mango face mask and lip scrub.

Another benefit? This mango smoothie contains vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and protects your skin from free radicals. Plus, it tastes delicious, making it the perfect anti-aging beauty treat.

So, all you need is a blender, some mango, almond milk, Greek yogurt, and Manuka (or raw) honey.

See the recipe for details.

Mango smoothie recipe for glowing skin
Anti-aging mango smoothie recipe for glowing skin by Beauty and Travel Reviews/Canva

Make this mango smoothie as often as you’d like. Or try a banana or passion fruit smoothie for more skin-friendly treats.

Mango for Your Skin: Safety Tips

mango on pink background
Mango by Ilia Nesolenyi/iStock

Although side effects are rare when using mango on your skin, it’s best to consult your doctor if you have sensitive skin. So, use all mango beauty products as instructed to reduce these risks.

However, there is one important risk you should know: mango skins contain urushiol, a chemical found in poison oak and ivy that can cause a skin rash. Mango can even worsen skin rashes caused by poison oak, sumac, or ivy, so avoid all mango products—including face masks—until the rash clears, says Healthline.

Final Thoughts

Fruit for DIY mango mask by Pixelshot / Getty Images via Canva

Mangoes offer many health and beauty benefits. They’re packed with antioxidants that brighten your skin, fight aging and sun damage, and leave your skin glowing.

So, triple the beauty benefits with a mango face mask, smoothie, and lip scrub.

Make the mango smoothie as often as you’d like, and use the DIY mango face mask and lip scrub up to twice per week for best results.

So, enjoy your mango beauty recipes—and your new skin—and check back for more beauty reviews and skincare tips.

Next, see three pineapple beauty products and passion fruit beauty recipes to get your skin glowing for summer.

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