How To Not Look Haggard After a Rough Night

Who hasn’t been there? The morning after a rough night, you stumble into the bathroom, look in the mirror and gasp. You think, what the bleep happened to me? I look haggard.

But whether a rough night out or too much salt is to blame, you can look less haggard with a few easy tricks. So, follow these steps next time you wake up looking less than fabulous.

Step 1: Hot and Cold Therapy + Facial Massage

Cold therapy to not look haggard after a rough night
Jan Antonin Kolar / Unsplash

Reach for some hot and cold water next time you look haggard. Heat and ice therapy stimulate circulation to give your cheeks a rosy glow. However, the key is to alternate between both temperatures enough times to get that blood flowing.

So, gather the items below to begin.


  • 2 bowls
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 bottle of Argan oil
  • water


First, fill two bowls: one with hot water and one with ice water. The hot water should be steamy, not boiling, though. However, wait for it to cool if it feels too hot.

Next, dunk the washcloth in the hot water and press the cloth against your face until it cools. Then, repeat with the cold water. Repeat this two or three times per bowl. Then, pat your skin dry and apply argan oil.

Argan oil is packed with nutrients that hydrate and nourish your skin. But the trick is to massage the oil into your skin.

Facial massage is one of the quickest ways to boost blood flow and energize your skin, says Healthline. Plus, it boosts circulation, eliminates toxins, and reawakens skin.

And the good news? You don’t have to massage for long; even one minute helps. Need to see how it works for yourself? Then see Olga’s video below for instructions.

Olgatoja / YouTube

Step 2: More Cold Therapy

Next, gather the items below.


  • 2 cold spoons or an ice pack
  • 1 washcloth
  • 2 bowls
  • 1 Ziploc bag or cloth


Now, apply cold spoons or an ice pack to your eyes for one or two minutes. However, wrap the ice pack in a thin cloth or a Ziploc bag, rather than applying it directly to your skin because you don’t want to worsen the problem. You can also press the wrapped ice pack over your cheeks to give your face a healthy flush.

Step 3: Sheet Mask

Bio Cellulose mask to not look haggard in the morning
E. Morris


Next, apply a hydrating sheet mask for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, remove the mask, and apply serum.


Klavuu’s White Pearlsation Serum Mask is one of my favorites to get glowing skin. Another mask is 111Skin’s Bio Cellulose Mask, which softens and hydrates skin in about 20 minutes. You’ll also notice a healthy glow after using this mask.

One drawback, however: these masks aren’t cheap, so you might want to try Leaders Insolution’s Aquaringer Masks for a more affordable option. Although you’ll see results with either mask, the Leaders masks work almost as well for a fraction of the price. It’s up to you, however.

And here’s another beauty tip: chill the mask in the freezer for 10 minutes before you apply it. The cold de-puffs your eyes and brings tired skin back to life. To get a better sense of how this works, think of the last time you stepped outside on a freezing-cold day. Remember how rosy your cheeks looked? Well, this trick works like that.

Step 4: Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum to not look haggard after a rough night
E. Morris


Next, after your mask, apply vitamin C serum. See below for some skincare products to try.


Murad’s Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum is one product to try. This serum contains vitamin C and glycolic acid, which refresh, brighten, and energize your skin.

Another option? Try Maelove’s Glow Maker Antioxidant Serum for a cheaper option. This serum contains hyaluronic and ferulic acids, along with vitamins C and E, which nourish and revitalize your skin.

Step 5: Moisturizer + Sunscreen

how to not look haggard: Vinosource hydrating cream
E. Morris


Next, apply moisturizer and sunscreen. However, wait five minutes after moisturizing before you apply sunscreen so your skin has time to absorb all the nutrients first.


Next, try Caudalie’s Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, $35. This fan favorite moisturizer contains citrus, mint, and other natural ingredients that get your skin glowing fast. You’ll also love how this cream perks up your skin, acting like a shot of espresso for your face.

Also, apply Klavuu’s Backstage Priming Highlighters after you moisturize to boost your skin’s radiance.

Final Thoughts

So, try these beauty tricks next time you wake up looking haggard after a rough night. Just heat some water, grab some ice, massage your face, and apply a mask, serum, moisturizer, and highlighter. These tricks will help you look wide awake no matter how tired you feel.

Now, enjoy your results and feel better!

Featured photo credit: SHOTPRIME / Canva

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