DIY Carrot Beauty Recipes: Get Carded After 30?

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Carrots are called “super veggies” for a reason. After all, these vibrant edibles are packed with nutrients that boost your health, revive your skin, and erase years. Carrots even fight acne and wrinkles, leaving your skin radiant. That’s why your skin will love these DIY carrot beauty recipes. So, whip up a DIY carrot face mask, lip scrub, and carrot juice, and experience these skin-healing powers yourself.

Learn more about carrots’ beauty benefits below, or skip to the DIY carrot beauty recipes.

Carrots: Benefits for Your Skin

Carrots are bursting with nutrients that nourish your body to keep you looking and feeling young. According to WebMD, carrots contain these skin-friendly vitamins and antioxidants:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • beta carotene
  • biotin
  • vitamin K
  • lutein
Carrots make delicious additions to your beauty routine.
Carrots contain vitamins and minerals that make skin glow. Photo: Utkamandarinka/iStock

These nutrients protect, repair, and brighten your skin, fade dark spots, and boost collagen.

Meanwhile, carrot juice offers other beauty perks. One cup contains 251% of the vitamin A and 22% of the vitamin C you need daily, says Healthline.

Vitamin C is essential for your skin’s health. It protects against environmental damage and improves elasticity, leaving your skin supple.

Carrot slices for DIY beauty treatments
Carrots make delicious additions to your beauty routine. Photo: Floortje/iStock

And according to Today, vitamin A and beta carotene calm inflammation and speed skin cell turnover, two processes vital for acne sufferers.

However, all these actions lead the way to clear, youthful skin.

So now that you know how carrots benefit your skin, why not experience the results yourself?

DIY Carrot Beauty Recipes

Add carrots to your DIY face masks to get glowing skin. Photo: Prudencio Alvarez/Getty Images via Canva

Treat yourself to these DIY carrot beauty recipes on your next at-home spa day or whenever your skin needs a boost. One approach? Make the DIY carrot face mask first and then prepare the carrot lip scrub and juice while you wait for your mask to dry.

These carrot face masks work for most skin types, but talk to your doctor if you have sensitive skin or are taking medication that interacts with vitamin A.

Also, patch-test the mask 24 hours before using it, and discontinue if irritation develops.

DIY Recipe #1: Anti-Acne Carrot Face Mask

glowing skin
Carrots fight acne and soften wrinkles. Photo: Floral Designer/Getty Images via Canva

Whip up this DIY carrot face mask and start your day with a glow. All you need is honey, yogurt, pumpkin, and carrots.

Benefits: Carrots’ vitamin A speeds skin cell turnover, while yogurt’s lactic acid exfoliates and softens skin. Then, pumpkin’s beta carotene adds protection, while honey kills bacteria, calms redness, and speeds healing.


  1. Cook two carrots and wait for them to cool.
  2. Chop and mash the carrots.
  3. Add one tablespoon of honey, 1/4 cup of pumpkin, and a tablespoon of yogurt, and mix.
  4. Then, apply to your face and neck, wait 20 minutes, and rinse.
DIY carrot face mask recipe #1: anti-acne
DIY beauty recipe #1: Anti-acne DIY carrot face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Follow with a vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum or pineapple serum. Vitamin C calms redness, evens skin tone, and helps heal breakouts.

Or pair this carrot face mask with a DIY tomato face mask to double the anti-acne power.

DIY Recipe #2: Anti-Aging Carrot Face Mask

bowl of carrots for beauty treatments
Fight wrinkles with a homemade carrot face mask. Photo: FCA Foto Digital/iStock

Next, whip up this anti-aging DIY carrot face mask and feel time rewind. All you need is a large carrot, some honey, hyaluronic acid serum, and a banana.

Benefits: Bananas’ B vitamins and potassium even skin tone and boost hydration, while hyaluronic acid serum plumps skin and locks in moisture. Meanwhile, honey softens skin and calms inflammation, leaving skin aglow.


  1. Cook the carrot and wait for it to cool.
  2. Peel and mash the carrot, and transfer it to a bowl.
  3. Then, add the banana, serum, and honey, and mix.
  4. Apply to your face and neck and rinse after 20 minutes.
#2: Anti-aging DIY carrot face mask recipe
DIY carrot beauty recipe #2: Anti-aging DIY carrot face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Follow with black currant serum or prickly pear oil to double the anti-aging powers.

DIY Recipe #3: Brightening Carrot Face Mask

Next, say bye-bye to dull skin with this antioxidant-rich carrot face mask. All you need is pomegranate powder, carrots, grapeseed oil, and honey.

Benefits: Pomegranate powder brightens, grapeseed oil protects and hydrates, and honey softens skin and locks in moisture. (Also, see these brightening pomegranate beauty recipes.)


  1. Cook a half cup of baby carrots and wait for them to cool.
  2. Then, peel and mash the carrots, add the pomegranate powder and honey, and mix.
  3. Apply to your face and neck, wait 20 minutes, and rinse.
Recipe 3: Brightening DIY carrot face mask
Another DIY carrot beauty recipe: Brightening carrot face mask/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Enhance your glow with a DIY avocado or grapeseed oil face mask and follow with a blueberry beauty oil. Or add a homemade hair mask to get your tresses as silky as your skin.

DIY Recipe #4: Carrot Lip Scrub

Has too much sun left your lips weathered? Then pump life into that pout with this DIY carrot lip scrub. All you need is brown sugar, carrots, and honey.

Benefits: Brown sugar exfoliates, while honey hydrates, leaving your lips silky.


  1. Cook and then mash two baby carrots.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and honey.
  3. Then, massage the scrub into your lips for 15 seconds and rinse.
#4: DIY carrot lip scrub recipe
Carrot beauty recipe #4: DIY carrot lip scrub/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another beauty tip: Follow with Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter. And switch between this carrot lip scrub and a DIY snickerdoodle or cocoa sugar lip scrub for a fun twist.

DIY Recipe #5: Homemade Carrot Juice for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin begins within, so whip up this zesty carrot juice and treat your body right.

You’ll need a juicer, an apple and orange, some fruit juice, and baby carrots.


  1. Rinse two cups of baby carrots.
  2. Scrub, then soak the carrots in filtered water for an hour.
  3. Then, chop the carrots, place them in the juicer, and add the remaining fruit and juice.
#5: Homemade carrot juice recipe for glowing skin
DIY carrot beauty recipe #5: Homemade carrot juice/Beauty and Travel Reviews via Canva

Another option? Whip up a passion fruit beauty smoothie for another skin-friendly treat.

Carrot Juice: Safety

Although nutritious, carrots do present risks. First, Healthline warns that drinking too much carrot juice could raise blood sugar, posing dangers for people with diabetes. Second, unpasteurized carrot juice may contain bacteria harmful to pregnant women and people with reduced immunity.

In addition, drinking too much carrot juice could produce carotenemia, causing your skin to turn orange. Although this looks alarming, your skin color will return to normal after you stop drinking the juice. So, limit your intake to reduce these risks. WebMD recommends no more than one 4-ounce cup daily.

Final Thoughts

carrot juice
Don’t drink too much carrot juice; your skin could turn orange. Photo: Russ32/Getty Images via Canva

Carrots contain oodles of nutrients that revitalize your skin. So add these super veggies to your beauty routine to blast acne and wrinkles and get glowing again.

Make the carrot juice anytime you wish, but remember to limit your intake. Also, make the DIY carrot face mask and lip scrub once per week. Then, with regular use, you’ll see smoother skin in no time.

Now, enjoy your carrot beauty recipes—and your new skin—and check back for more DIY recipes and skincare tips.

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