5 DIY Pomegranate Beauty Recipes Your Skin Needs Now

Whip up these DIY pomegranate beauty recipes to bring back your glow. Pomegranates are some of nature’s prettiest fruits. But these scarlet beauties aren’t just any fruit; they’re superfoods, too. That means they’re packed with nutrients your body and skin will love.

All parts of the fruit contain nutrients that enhance your skin and health. Pomegranates contain antioxidants that help fight acne, aging, and sun damage, and even the peel and the seeds offer their own beauty perks.

Other research suggests that the fruit’s nutrients help ward off heart disease and cancer.

So, with all these health and beauty benefits, why wait? Mix up a pomegranate face mask and some lip scrub, and you’ll look like you visited the spa.

Learn more about pomegranates’ healing powers below, or skip to the DIY pomegranate beauty recipes.

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Pomegranates: Health and Beauty Benefits

Pomegranates boost your health inside and out. According to Healthline, the fruit contains polyphenols, tannins, anthocyanins (also found in raspberries), and vitamins C and K.

Together, these nutrients boost collagen, fight acne and inflammation, and brighten your skin.

According to the Canadian health group Half Your Plate, half a pomegranate contains 13% of the vitamin C and 16% of the vitamin K you need daily. Plus, the juice from one pomegranate contains about 40% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake.

Better yet, the juice also contains punicalagin, a powerful compound that gives the juice triple the antioxidant strength of red wine and green tea.

But the pomegranate offers other benefits, too. For instance, the seeds make healthy snacks, and you can even add the seeds and the oil to your face masks, serums, and scrubs.

Pomegranate: Myth vs. Fact

But while pomegranates’ nutrients fight aging and sun damage, they alone won’t cure your skin woes. For instance, despite some claims that the fruit reverses aging and prevents skin cancer, these reports only tell half the story.

So, learn the myths and the facts below.

Pomegranate beauty benefits: myth vs fact

The bottom line: while pomegranates help your skin glow, they alone won’t transform your skin. Instead, a healthy diet and lifestyle is your best route to glowing skin.

Side Effects

Adverse reactions to this fruit are rare but may include redness, itchy skin, and skin irritation. So check with your doctor before adding the fruit to your skincare routine.

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DIY Pomegranate Beauty Recipes

Now, treat yourself to these DIY pomegranate beauty recipes to nourish and brighten your skin. Feel free to try one mask or all the masks, depending on your skin’s needs and your skin type.

1) Pomegranate Face Mask: Brighten and Hydrate

Start your at-home spa day with this pomegranate seed mask to brighten and hydrate your skin. This treatment combines two masks into one potent beauty cocktail your skin will love.

All you need to make this mask is yogurt, Manuka honey, pomegranate seeds, a mixing bowl, and a hydrating sheet mask. One idea? Try Leaders Insolution’s Hello Moisture Glow Primer Sheet Mask ($3).

The extra hydration from the sheet mask gives you a smooth base for your makeup.

However, pomegranate seeds and yogurt exfoliate skin to leave you looking and feeling fresh. Plus, Manuka honey hydrates your skin and wards off breakouts.

So see the recipe below for details.

Pomegranate seed mask to exfoliate and hydrate

Use this mask twice per week for best results. And follow with a pomegranate orange body butter to get glowing from head to toe.

2) Anti-Acne Matcha Pomegranate Face Mask

Another option? Try this blemish-busting matcha pomegranate face mask to blast bacteria and brighten your skin. All you need is matcha powder, Greek yogurt, pomegranate powder, water, and Manuka honey.

Matcha and pomegranate contain nutrients that fight acne and aging. Plus, yogurt’s lactic acid softens and exfoliates, while Manuka honey balances and hydrates your skin.

See the recipe for details.

Anti-acne pomegranate matcha mask

Use this mask twice per week for best results. Another tip? Pair this mask with a matcha face mask and smoothie to double your glow.

Now, get ready to treat your lips.

3) Pomegranate Sugar Lip Scrub

Next, get silky lips with this pomegranate sugar lip scrub. Your lips will feel brand new. All you need is some pomegranate seed oil, cane sugar, coconut oil, a mixing bowl, and olive oil.

Pomegranate oil contains antioxidants that protect and repair your skin. Plus, coconut and olive oils soften and bring parched winter lips back to life. In addition, cane sugar sloughs off dead skin to reveal your smoothest lips yet.

So see the recipe for details.

DIY pomegranate beauty recipe: Lip scrub

You can also add cherry flavoring if you’d like. But feel free to experiment and make the recipe your own. However, use this scrub twice per week for best results.

4) Pomegranate Cocoa Grapeseed Mask: Exfoliate and Hydrate

Another idea? Whip up this pomegranate cocoa mask to get that enviable back-from-vacation glow.

All you need is pomegranate powder, grapeseed oil, cocoa powder, and Manuka honey.

Manuka honey hydrates, and grapeseed oil nourishes and softens your skin. Plus, pomegranate and cocoa powder are packed with antioxidants, leaving your skin radiant and refreshed.

Just mix the ingredients into a paste, apply to your skin, wait 20 minutes and rinse.

Then, follow with a hydrating sheet mask or a serum. Use this mask twice per week for best results. You can even pair this mask with a chocolate yogurt face mask if you’d like.

Pomegranate cocoa grapeseed mask

5) Pomegranate Rose Clay Mask: Hydrate and Protect

Want another option? Then, try this easy pomegranate beauty recipe to deep clean pores and revive your skin.

All you need is pink French clay, argan oil, pomegranate powder, and water. The French clay deep cleanses pores, and argan oil softens and hydrates your skin.

To begin, combine one tablespoon of each item in a bowl, and mix into a paste. Then, apply to your skin, wait 20 minutes, and rinse. Use the mask twice per week for best results.

Pomegranate Rose Clay mask

Final Thoughts

So treat your skin to these DIY pomegranate beauty recipes to restore your glow. Your skin will love these beauty treats.

Not only is the fruit healthy, but the peel and the seeds are packed with nutrients, too.

Use the masks and the lip scrub twice per week for best results, and you’ll see smoother skin and lips in no time with regular use.

Still, a healthy lifestyle is what your skin needs the most. So combine a balanced diet with healthy habits for the best results.

Now, enjoy your new skin, and check back for more beauty tips and recipes.

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